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At Pezulu Projects , we won’t just hire you the plant that will complete the project,but we will also advise on the very best machine to hire for the completion of the project. This often results in major savings of both time and costs for our client and reduces downtime to start off with the right and efficient equipment.


TLB’s (Tractor, Loader, Backhoe) are extremely versatile machines that have different options of attachments also for each application but mainly for digging and loading.

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Very efficient machine to dig and for mass excavations.


Bulldozers are used in many different applications where also mass earthmoving is mostly needed and levelling.

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Well maintained, fuel efficient water tankers for hire nationally.

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Graders are used for final leveling and with skilled operators to complete projects like road construction and general site levelling.


Skidsteer loaders are very versatile machines with different attachments to do smaller jobs but just as cost effective.We have angle brooms,normal buckets and Augers available.